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Beth Boyle's Beads

Designer Jewelry by Beth Maxwell Boyle

Garnet and Bronze

These are some examples of one of a kind bead pieces l make.  To see what is for sale click on this link:  Beads For Sale
 Some of the items pictured  I made as gifts for friends or for myself,  they are here only to show examples of what I enjoy making. I do not wish to make the same beaded pieces over and over.  I do production jewelry for The Rams Horn Studi.  This new endeavor is something I hope allows me to enjoy designing and using different materials as the spirit moves me.  What I want to do is be creative and go where my imagination takes me. Much of my work reflects my love of nature and spirituality. Many of the pendants and findings I use are antiques or items I cannot get any more and that makes it impossible for me to offer multiples of the same design even if I wanted to.  I love working with the colors and shapes and trying to create a certain mood with each piece. All of my work except a few earring pairs will be one of a kind and there will be no exceptions.  
Yours truly,

Garnets and Bronze

Amethysts and Sterling Silver

Amethysts and Sterling Silver

Green Quartz and Jasper with Bronze

Green Quartz and Jasper with Bronze

Amethyst and Bronze

Amethyst, Baltic Amber and Bronze

Carnelian and Sterling Beads

Carnelian and Bronze Beads

Pig bead necklace with Carnelian  & Agates and sterling

Botswana Agate

Carnelian and Sterling

Green Adventurine and Sterling Silver

 7 Min. Video slide show of Gemstone Beadwork created in 2009

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