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Jewelry Shopping Section

The Rams Horn Jewelry Store.  Shop our line of fine pewter and sterling silver jewelry designed and cast in the USA.  We specialize in Celtic and animal related jewelry but also frequently create custom castings for others.  The Rams Horn has a full line of reproductions as well created from antique pieces.

Wholesale Jewelry

Our Fine pewter and sterling silver jewelry designed and cast in the USA.   Wholesale orders welcome!

Recent additions to our jewelry collections for sale

About the Owners

 This tells you a little about the Boyles.

Custom Order and Design

We can custom design, sewing buttons, pins, trophies, belt buckles, brooches and so much more for your personal or club needs!

Pewter History

The Rams Horn Studio presents a brief history of Pewter.

Introducing The Rams Horn Celtic Collection.  A plethora of fine clasps, buttons, brooches and ornaments for your consideration.

The Rams Horn introduces a line of fine hand cast pewter pipe tampers modeled from a collection of antique tampers in their collection. Offered are figural tampers both bawdy and whimsical.  In the growing collection of tamps now for sale are Animals, Dickens Characters, miniature briar pipes, Scottish theme tamps and more!

One of a kind beaded jewelry by Beth Maxwell Boyle

Lost Wax Casting

Our Jewelry contains neither Lead nor Cadmium:. The formula is:
Tin: 98%
Bismuth: 1.5%
Copper: 0.25%
Silver: 0.25%

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Chautauqua County links

 A gateway to culture and more in Chautauqua County

Animals, Plants, and landscapes of Chautauqua County

Photos and information on the little hamlet of Stedman in Western, NY

Living History Interest

Seven full pages with pictures.   Enjoy historical information on clay pipes, tobacco, and pipe tampers.   Pipe tampers for sale.

The Rams Horn introduces a line of fine hand cast pewter pipe tampers modeled from a collection of antique tampers in their collection. Offered are figural tampers both bawdy and whimsical.  In the growing collection of tamps now for sale are Animals, Dickens Characters, miniature briar pipes, Scottish theme tamps and more!

Here are three pages of information on collecting iron cookware and the history behind Ironware in the USA.  There are a large number of photos of actual pieces, both forged and cast iron are covered.  There are also many links to other blacksmithing and cast iron cooking sites are on these pages.

The Care and Collecting of Brass and Copper Ware.

Seven full pages of information and pictures featuring collections of antique lighting devices and history of lighting in Early America. There are also helpful links.  Information on beeswax and bayberry candles is included as well.

Chautauqua Trade Silver by the Twa Corbies Trading Company a branch of THE RAMS HORN.


Links and Information for the Shepherd

Ten full pages of Scottish Blackface Sheep Breed information as well as history, with photos and art work.

This is a not for profit , organization to promote Scottish Blackface Sheep in North America and Products
 made from Scottish Blackface Wool.

Breed information and history on the Piebald or Jacob Sheep.

Soay sheep are a primitive breed of sheep (Ovis aries) that are descended from an  isolated population of feral sheep on the 250-acre island of Soay in the St. Kilda Archipelago.

Sheep Shearing links and information both historical and modern.  Antique graphics and photographs illustrate this fascinating page.

A photo essay by Beth Maxwell Boyle

Sheep health guide for lambing and disease prevention with particular attention to issues concerning Scottish Blackface Sheep.

A collection of 32 traditional  songs about sheep, sheep shearing, and shepherding.  Lyrics, history and midis as well as illustrations bring these songs alive.  Most of these are from Scotland and England.
 (This is a virtual songbook please do not write me trying to buy a  hard copy?)

A Shepherd looks at the "Painting Laird". Paintings and biographical information on James Farquharson.

Dogs and Pets

Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Border Collies here at Thistledown.

Keeshonden and Cardigan Welsh Corgis   The kennel of John and Irene Maxwell in Western, NY.s

Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Shelties  The Kennel of Bob and Debbie MacFarland

Mini Rex Rabbits.  Breed information and pictures.

Hooded Rats and Pet Rat information, also rat history.

American Shorthairs on the farm. -Thistledown Croft's  own felines.

Horses and Donkeys

An index of horse, mule and donkey related pages.

Old Style Morgan Horses that can do it all. Morgan horses at Thistledown Croft.

Donkey information and photographs.   Donkeys here at Thistledown Croft.

Donkey folklore and legends.  Graphics and artwork of donkeys + Links

Chautauqua Country Horsemans Association 25th Annual Sleigh Rally in Western, NY.  Event Schedule and many pictures.

Types of traditional sleighbells. Art and photos as well as historical information.

This Thanksgiving song originally appeared as a poem written by Lydia Maria Child in Flowers for Children,volume 2, in 1844. Lydia Maria Child was a novelist, journalist, teacher, and wrote extensively about the need to eliminate slavery

Farms, Kennels, and Businesses

A tiny farm in Stedman and the Scottish Blackface Sheep and other stock owned by Beth and Jim Boyle of Stedman, NY.  Farm pictures and working dogs.

Keeshonden and Cardigan Welsh Corgis   The kennel of Irene Maxwell in Western, NY.

Fine Ironwork by Kim Thomas

Registered Jacob Sheep and fleeces for sale.

Scottish Blackface Sheep , Soay Sheep and Angora Goats in Western, NY.

Gifts and Fine Woolens of all kinds!  This is a local shop and show information.

 Paint and Quarter Horses also Australian Shepherd Dogs.  Training, Breeding Services, and Blacksmithing.

The Farm of Jason and Vicki Sieberg,  Stedman, NY

Now Serving the Greater Houston, TX area

 Celtic Harp and Pipes, recordings and more.

Fine home spun yarns, hand knit items and Jacob Sheep in Chautauqua County, NY

Music and Poetry

Index of folk music on this site

Child ballads, Instrument Repairs, performers, record companies and more...

To mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns in Jan 2009, Scots singer Ed Miller has recorded 16 of the over 300 songs written or collected by Scotland's national bard.  Ed Miller has been hailed as "one of the finest singers to come out of the Scottish Folksong Revival" and as "one of Scotland's best singing exports!  

 Burns is also referred to as the Ploughman Poet or "the Bard" in part because of his work with Song lyrics.  He was not only a poet but a dedicated lyricist. Few people recognize his work collecting and preserving Scottish traditional songs today but he was keenly interested in preserving Scotland's rich musical heritage.  

In 1802-03 Scott's first major work, Minstrelsy Of The Scottish Border appeared. As a poet Scott rose into fame with the publication of The Lay Of The Last Minstrel (1805) about an old border country legend. It became a huge success and made him the most popular author of the day.

James Hogg the poet, spent most of his youth and manhood as a shepherd and was almost entirely self educated.  He had learned, at his mother's knee, the great oral tradition of ballads and folklore of the Borders. Her father, "the far-famed Will O'Phaup" was reputed to have been the last
man to converse with the fairies.

By James Hogg the Scottish Poet

25 wonderful old Carols with lyrics and videos,  illustrated with traditional paintings and art work.

A collection of 32 historical songs about sheep, sheep shearing and shepherding.  Lyrics, history and midis as well as illustrations bring these songs alive.

The word dulcimer is believed to have originated centuries ago. It was derived, it is thought, from the Greek word "dulce" (which means sweet) and the Latin word "melos" (which means song). The Appalachian Dulcimer is not to be confused with its biblical counterpart, the hammered dulcimer, rather in its current incarnation, it is believed to have evolved from a northern European instrument, the German, "scheitholt" which like the Appalachian Dulcimer is played with a bow and plucked or strummed as well.

Concertians,  button accordions, and harmonicas

Information on concertinas with pictures.

Information on Jews Harps with pictures.

Culture and Religion

A sub-index of pages to do with various Topics of Christian Culture from many different walks of life. Everything from hymns to essays.  There  are Prayers and Carols and much more.

Held every May in Edinboro, PA

This event is held in Lakeside Park in Mayvill every August

Celtic Prayers, Blessings and a large selection of very useful and interesting Christian Links.

Gateway to webpages with Christian themes.

 Collegiate Chapel of St. Matthew, Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland

The George Michael Boyle Family and information on Boyle Family History going back to Ireland and Scotland.

The John Jay Maxwell Family and information on Maxwell Family History going back to Scotland.

My Trips to Scotland in 2005 and 2007

Barpa Langass is a Neolithic chambered cairn, which now survives as a massive pile of stone. It is located on a hill overlooking a dramatic landscape of barren peatland. The cairn is roughly 16 feet high, and around 82 feet across.

 The First Presbyterian Church , 49 South Portage Street, Westfield, NY 14787  Phone (716)-326-2643

Hurlbut Memorial Community United Methodist Church is a church of God. Phone 716-357-4045
Pratt at Scott, PO Box 33, Chautauqua, NY 14722

Hurlbut Photos and the life of the Church

Hurlbut Memorial Community United Methodist Church in a photo essay!

Historic Stobo Kirk in the Borders of Scotland.

 John Newton, the author of the lyrics to Amazing Grace, was born in 1725 in Wapping, London, England. This web page is about the hymn and the recordings and movies made about it.

Words: Mary A. Lathbury, 1877 (verses 1-2) & 1879 (verses 3-4). She wrote this hymn, and Break Thou the Bread of Life, on the shores of Lake Chautauqua, New York.  Music: Chautauqua, William F. Sherwin, 1877

 Caerlaverock or Carlaverock Castle, with the imposing twin-towered gatehouse rising out of the moat, Caerlaverock Castle is a dramatic example of a 13th century defensive architecture.

Tradition dates the origins of the house to 950 when Alexander I stayed in a hunting lodge on the site, with the earliest part of the current building dating to 1107.

Pipe Smokers club of the tri-state area.  Collecting pipes, tobacco jars, memorabilia etc. and sampling tobaccos is all part of this clubs activities.

Brushwood is a campground and meeting place. It is the host site for Sirius Rising, Starwoodand other annual festivals and gatherings.

Artists and Crafts people we work with.

Please do not use your GPS to find our home? We do not do any business from our home or studio. We do all business at shows and from this website. Please respect our privacy? Thanks!

at Thistledown Croft

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