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Photos of Chautauqua County
County, New York
Border of the wetlands at the Brokenstraw State Forest

West Overland Trail, Brokenstraw State Forest

The Chautauqua West Trail (N)
 Chautauqua County

The Chautauqua West Trail is a 15 mile long footpath that utilizes State Forests, Chautauqua County land and easements over intervening private land. This trail is a project of the Chautauqua County parks department and is marked over its length. The State Forests are shown on the county road map. It extends between Mt. Pleasant State Forest on the north to the North Harmony State Forest on the south. The terrain is essentially flat, making it suitable for novice use.

The northern end is approached by taking State Route 430, 2 1/2 miles southwest from Mayville. The southern end is found on State Route 474, 1 mile west of Panama. The trail is identified where it intersects major highways. Detailed map available from Regional Forester, Region 9.

Veiw from the Forestry Road, Brokenstraw

Prendergast Creek as it passes through Stedman, on Seymour's Farm

North View from Hulls Farm, Stedman Corners

Hull's pond, Stedman

Skunk Hollow, Predergast Creek, Stedman

  Mrs. Twitchel's Lilac in snow,  Stedman

Thistledown Croft, Stedman

Waved Sphinx spotted in Stedman July 11th, 2007

Ceratomia undulosa

Barn swallows two days before leaving the nest in Boyle's Barn Loft

Hirundo rustica

AmericanToad in Stedman, July 21, 07
 Bufo americanus

Most of these photos were taken from the back of my Morgan Mare in 2006 and 2007
I hope you enjoyed them.
Yours truly, Beth

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