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Maxwell Family
 The Maxwell Family

Maxwell Clan Badge
    A stag Proper, attired Argent, couchant before a holly bush Proper.

  I Grow Green or I flourish again

The name Maxwell originates from Maccus, a Norse chief and son of
Undweyn, who gave his name to Maccuswell, a pool of the river Tweed
near Kelso bridge.  A grandson of Maccus, John Maxwell, became
chamberlain of Scotland before dying in 1241, to be succeeded by his
 brother Aylmer.  

  (Our Branch on the Maxwell Tree)

 William Maxwell, birth June 1836 Glasgow, Scotland
 Marriage 1858 Glasgow, Died Pennsylvania
Parents were Archibald Maxwell and Christian Rae.
Spouse was Elisabeth Jack

William R. MAXWELL 1836-1901
Elizabeth wife of William R. MAXWELL 1840-1899

    The  Maxwells                                              The  Windwards

 John (Jack) Maxwell                      Mary Windward Maxwell
Born March 3, 1894                                               Born Aug., 22 1896   

   Wed March 3, 1919

  Their Children

Darrell  and John Maxwell                          Mary Lou Maxwell

Darrell was lost while serving in the US Navy
in the South Pacific
in W.W.2
Darrell Ingram Maxwell born in Farrell PA 1922.
He was an ENS in the U.S Navy reserve. He was killed Dec 10, 1944 at Invasion of Leyte.

John Jay Maxwell
Jan 23rd, 1920-Sept 20th, 2005

Please send contributions to The John J. Maxwell Scholarship Award
 c/o Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation,
 212 Lake Shore Drive West, Dunkirk, NY, 14048

         John Jay Maxwell  1948                            Irene Tveter Maxwell

   Mark, Darrell, and Beth

    The Children of John Jay Maxwell and Irene Tveter Maxwell,
    an album
    of family and grandchildren

Darrell Thomas Maxwell

Audrey and Grandpa John                                  Darrell, Beth, Noah, Audrey

Tina and Beth                                                    Irene and Mark

Jim and Tina                                                     Beth and Suzie

Noah, Darrell and Audrey Maxwell
May, 2003

Scotster. Where Scotland meets.